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Logistics and Warehousing

Warehousing is coordinated and self-handled at our Hub in Hamburg.
We do offer you a 800sqm warehouse outside the Port and Value addit Services, e.g. Commissionary, labeling and Cargo-Inspection
Approx. 2.000 qm inside the Hamburg Free-Port with our Warehouse-Partner for:

  • Handling, Stuffing, Lashing of cargo fron Import and Export Containers
  • Special Logistics for the Alumnium-Industry
  • Daily In and Out of cargo with oncarriage and delivery Services are our competence

Import Logistics: NF-Metals

We are experts for:

Import Logistics: NF-Metals


In trustful order of an international German Metal-Trading Company, The OceanRoads team is organizing the full Logistics fron free Arrival Oceanvessel upto deliver on truck to final consignee/buyer.


Scope of logistical activities:

Co-ordination of Sea-Import Services with Shipping Line / Container Terminals

Wharfage & Handling with heavy lift Equipment for metal products

Documentation and reporting of status and claim-analysis

Customs Clearance by IT-Software ATLAS

Commisonary and Pick & pack of separate Distribution-orders

Disposal and Trucking to the final receiver/buyer with special circumstance e.g. Crane/Roof-unloading


The Benefit:

Both partners are concentrating their activities on the focus of their main-business and optimizing the final customers demand.